Premiere: Sevyn Streeter Shares "My Love For You" In Her New Video

Sevyn Streeter drops her new video for "My Love For You."

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Sevyn Streeter is gearing up for the release of her debut album Girl Disrupted in January. Following the release of "Prolly" last month, Sevyn is back with a video for her new single "My Love For You." The video finds Sevyn busting out her best dance moves alongside her girl crew before snuggling up with her bae. "Riding around town in your black Impala/With my baby, yeah that's my partner," she sings. "Look the other way when they tryna holler/So unbothered, so unbothered." The video was choreographed by Fatima Robinson, who has previously worked with artists like Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, and The Black Eyed Peas. 

Sevyn Streeter

"My album Girl Disrupted is a musical reflection of my current mindset! Through this album, I was able to become a more honest, confident, fearless, outspoken, sexier, smarter version of myself," Sevyn told Complex about the upcoming project. "Both 'Prolly' and 'My Love For You' were birthed from this place." She went on to explain how the song is meant to remind us that love is out there for everyone. "'My Love For You' is a reminder of the kind of love we truly deserve, a declaration to your teammate, your partner, your best friend. We have all kissed a couple frogs thinking they were the one. But that shouldn't make us jaded. Let's celebrate love!" she said.

Sevyn plans to continue monthly music releases until her debut album finally arrives. You can watch Sevyn Streeter's "My Love For You" video above, look out for her debut album Girl Disrupted dropping this January, and check out her recent interview with Complex below. You can also purchase the song on iTunes here

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