Sage the Gemini Is in His Feelings About Breaking Up With Jordin Sparks on New Song "I'll Keep Loving You"

This is honestly heartbreaking.

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It looks like Sage the Gemini isn't taking his recent breakup with former American Idol champ Jordin Sparks very well. He posted an emotional note on Instagram earlier today professing his love for her and begging for her to call him back. "Can't sit here and act industry like this shit don't hurt me," he begins. "Please call me back I just want like a hug and a kiss or something."

He followed that up by posting a new song to his SoundCloud page titled "I'll Keep Loving You." While he doesn't directly name check Sparks in the song, the lyrics (along with his previous Instagram post) leaves little doubt about who it's directed towards. "I'ma put my faith in this song yeah/Tell all your exes begone, yeah/Just come home because it's all here," he croons emotionally over a beat by P-Lo and Mark Nilan Jr.

So far, there's been no response from Sparks' camp. With Sage pouring his heart out on wax, it remains to be seen if the pair will be able to reconcile their differences. In the meantime, you can stream his breakup ballad below.

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