Jeezy Announces 'Trap or Die 3' Project

Jeezy is hitting us with 'Trap or Die 3' soon.

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Jeezy announced the upcoming release of Trap or Die 3 in a video post today. "You already know how I came into this game: harder than a motherfucker, and that's how I'm going out... I'm announcing it, Trap or Die 3, the album," he said in the video. The album will serve as the latest installment of his Trap or Die mixtape series. The original Trap or Die came out back in 2005, with part 2 following five years later in 2010. Now, after almost six more years, fans will finally get their hands on Trap or Die 3, and this time as a commercially released album. "Third time's the charm! TRUST ME" he wrote in the caption, followed be three snowman emojis.

Naturally, the announcement got fans pretty pumped online, with some hailing the Trap or Die series as some of Jeezy's best work.

There's no release date as of yet, but with the announcement officially made, it hopefully won't be too long until we can get our hands on the new project.

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