Watch DJ Khaled and Tony Robbins Get Real About Their Experiences With Homelessness

DJ Khaled and Tony Robbins discuss being homeless.

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DJ Khaled and Tony Robbins are Complex's latest cover stars, and in an outtake from their interview they get real about how they got through some of the toughest times in their lives. Both stars discussed their experiences with homelessness, and how they had to be resourceful and believe in themselves in order to better their situation.

"When it all got taken away, I was becoming a young man," Khaled said. "So I had to sacrifice to leave my family... Sleeping in my car, getting an apartment for a month and getting evicted the next month. Staying in the $25, $50 hotels. I stayed focused and I never surrendered, and now I've been blessed. now I take care of my mother, my father, and my entire whole family."

"Know where to park where they're not gonna move you and give you a ticket," Robbins reminisced about his own experience. "That was the first thing I learned. I learned to park outside of Denny's because it's 24-hours and they wouldn't make you move. I made a deal at the 7-Eleven with the mailman so I could get the mail delivered there so I could get access to mail."

Eventually, Robbins decided he needed to attend a self-help seminar in order to better his life. "If I don't change my mind, if I don't change my heart, if I don't develop some skill, I'll always be sleeping in my car," he said. He eventually got a woman to loan him the money, and his experience with her helped to change the course of his life. "I decided what this means is strangers care."

You can check out their touching personal stories in the video above, and see their whole Complex cover story here.

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