Guitarist Slays Chance the Rapper's Entire 'Coloring Book' in One Take

Watch this Chicago teen shred his way through Chance the Rapper's 'Coloring Book' in one take.

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The Chicago teenager who dropped an awesome, six-hour guitar cover of Kanye West's entire discography is back again with his take on the new Chance the Rapper project. Jacob Brody released his one-take cover of Chance's Coloring Book yesterday, and the results are impressive. He shreds his way through the entire project, adding a unique rock edge to Chance's already-eclectic sound. His cover of "No Problem" is particularly cool, weaving some screaming guitar riffs into the fun, uplifting track.

As mentioned, this isn't Brody's first time grabbing headlines with his guitar covers. In September of last year, his six-hour cover of Kanye's whole discography captivated the internet. He even scored an interview with Reverb, where he told the magazine "I learned most of these songs by ear and decided to record my interpretations." He also explained "the camera only let me record 15-25 minutes, so each 15-25 minute take was done in one attempt. There are mistakes, I know. I switch guitars because some songs are in different tunings. Some songs change keys mid-song."

Chance's Coloring Book has been setting the internet aflame ever since it dropped on Friday. Twitter went nuts for it, and a number of artists have spoken out in support of the Chicago rapper. Kanye West even tweeted his support for Chance on Sunday, calling him "one of my favorite people." Clearly Coloring Book is resonating with people, and is set to vault Chance into the next level of hip-hop stardom. Brody's awesome cover is just another example of that.

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