Watch a Day (and Night) in the Life of Shwayze Play Out Before Your Eyes

Check out a day and night in the life of Shwayze.

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California-native Shwayze has been a party music staple since he first started churning out hits like "Corona & Lime" with long-time collaborator Cisco Adler. His sound has matured in the meantime, and with each new record, including his first post-Cisco release, Shwayze Summer, he has given listeners more and more to chew on.

The “King of the Summer” doesn’t stress over too much, filling his days and nights with good times, good friends, and, of course, good music. The video above captures an entire 24 hours in Shwayze’s life, from the time he wakes up to the point he finally crashes. We get insight into Shwayze’s daily routine, which includes jogging on the beach and lunch with friends. His night is a little looser, and here includes performing a show, followed by drinks by the fire pit (it is SoCal, after all). Playing out in split screens, this day’s chronicle is the perfect primer for an epic summer. Check it out by clicking play above.


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