YouTuber Says He Spent Christmas Eve Listening to "Sicko Mode" and "Mo Bamba" for 10 Hours

Commenters pointed out some red flags in the video, though.

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The three parts in "Sicko Mode" has a 5:12 runtime, while "Mo Bamba" takes up 3:03. That's about 115 plays in 10 hours for "Sicko Mode," and approximately 197 for "Mo Bamba." They're both bangers, but asking someone to listen to either for over 100 times straight is a bit of a hard sell. But here's a better idea: Instead of listening to "Sicko Mode" and/or "Mo Bamba" for 10 hours straight, why not watch someone else listen to "Sicko Mode" and "Mo Bamba" for 10 hours straight?

YouTuber "BIG PAPA JAMES" got right on it. The gentleman says he spent Christmas Eve listening to the hits for nearly half a day. He gives no other reason for the journey other than it was "the only right thing to do" on this pre-holiday. And so you watch him, in bed, sleepily listening to Drake rap about being sleepy.

The marathon would be an achievement if BIG PAPA JAMES actually did lay there for 10 hours. Keen-eyed commenters spotted telltale signs that there was a jig going on: He says "here we go" with the same deadpan as the "Mo Bamba" producer tags kick in more than once, and the official version of Drake's first verse on "Sicko Mode" does not have a Snapchat notification. But the red flags didn't stop the video from spreading, probably because "Listening to Sicko mode and Mo Bamba for 10 hours" is a wild YouTube video title and average person doesn't have time to look through a 10-hour video for red flags. The video sits at over 250,000 views.

Watch all 10 hours above.

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