Did Kanye's Viral Installation In Miami Get Shut Down?

Of course it wouldn't go smoothly.

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You see there's leaders and there's followers... and then there's the Miami Beach code compliance officers (that rhymed!), which is unfortunate if you were trying to see Kanye West's "New Slaves" in that area.

The Miami Herald's Adrian Ruhi was at South Beach when he tweeted a picture of what appears to be officers shutting down 'Ye's viral installation:


Miami crew running Kanye West viral installation gets busted by Miami Beach code compliance officers: twitter.com/adrianruhi/sta…
I've left New World so no more Kanye West stuff from me. My assumption is schedule in Miami will NOT go as planned after the bust

That'll ruin your night. Desperate fans can catch the final show in NYC if they can somehow catch a flight within the next ten minutes. But since the likelhood of that is pretty slim, we have the Williamsburgshowing here as at least a consolation.

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