Angie Martinez Discusses Her New Book, 'My Voice: A Memoir'

Angie Martinez shares her journey to becoming one of the most recognizable and influential figures in entertainment in her new book, 'My Voice: A Memoir.'

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There's only one Angie Martinez.

Sure, there are others who have great name recognition, but none come close to having the impact Angie has had in her career. That has included roles as a radio personality, rapper, actor, and author. Her storied path has taken her around the globe and back, and put her next to some of our generation's most iconic figures including Jay Z, Tupac, and President Barack Obama. She has time and time again found ways to connect her audience around the world with the people and events that matter most.

With all that she's done, it's only right she share her journey with the world. Which is exactly what she has done with her new book, My Voice: A Memoir

Her autobiography takes us on a trip through Angie's past up until present day, including her eventful and informative upbringing in New York City, her first appearance on radio at the celebrated Hot 97, her jump to Power 105.1, and the many infamous events in between. Also on display are her relationships, both professional and personal, as well as many of the challenges she's faced as she ascended to become one of the most important figures in entertainment. Throughout each step, Angie shares the lessons she's learned which have earned her international recognition as "The Voice of New York."

Her voice is a theme throughout the memoir, both literally and figuratively, with Angie painting detailed portraits of how she developed as a person and used not only her voice, but her experiences and perspectives to navigate life and remain honest to her truest self. It's a must read

Angie sat down with Complex News to chop it up about her newest endeavor. We discussed her writing process, her decision to share more without reservation, getting J. Cole to pen the book's forward, and what inspired her to write her memoir in the first place.

Check out the full interview above to get an idea of what has helped Angie cultivate her unmistakable and incomparable voice. For those looking to purchase My Voice: A Memoir, it's available here.

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