Here’s How Our 8 Favorite Bath & Body Works Products Can Benefit Your Skincare & Fragrance Games

From beard oil to cologne, the Bath & Body Works Men's Shop has your grooming needs covered.

Bath & Body Works

By now you know that the new Bath & Body Works Men’s Shop is open for business. That’s great news for men who want to up their grooming and skincare games. But whether you’re a skincare veteran or someone who’s just getting into taking care of themselves more, we can all use a little advice on what products might work well for us. Complex knows that, which is why we’ve stepped in to put you onto our favorite products from the Bath & Body Works Men’s Shop. Peep our picks below, then head over to the Bath & Body Works Men’s Shop to add some new grooming goods to your personal arsenal of flyness. 

Beard Oil With Coconut Oil & Vitamin E

PRICE: $13.95
Whether it’s on the basketball court, at the office, or living that creative lifestyle, beards are in. Take care of yours with this Beard Oil featuring coconut oil and Vitamin E, which will leave your face foliage feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Daily Face Wash With Aloe

PRICE: $13.95
We know you’re already washing your face daily, but if you’re using regular soap or subpar products, it’s time to step up your game. Fear not, this Bath & Body Work men’s Daily Face Wash is here to save the day. With aloe in the formula, a daily cleanse with this stuff will wash away dirt and oil, leaving your skin feeling clean and restored while maintaining your natural moisture barrier.

Hydrating Face Cream With Hyaluronic Acid

PRICE: $14.95
Taking care of your skin is important, but many men don’t have time for a highly involved skincare routine. With this Hydrating Face Cream, that’s ok. It’s got the good stuff AKA hyaluronic acid. A daily dose will keep your skin looking healthy and feeling soft.

Mahogany Teakwood 3-in-1 Hair, Face & Body Wash

PRICE: $15.95
Want to make your self care routine faster? Look no further than this rich mahogany and teakwood-scented 3-in-1 Hair, Face & Body Wash, which covers triple duty thanks to its gentle, nourishing formula with aloe and Vitamin E. Your shower just got three times more efficient.

Ocean Antiperspirant Deodorant Sweat & Odor Control

PRICE: $12.50
Yes, this Antiperspirant Deodorant Sweat & Odor Control will keep your sweat under control , but it’ll also keep you smelling good. Its unique Ocean scent features notes of blue cypress, vetiver, and sea breeze. Crips and classic, with a hint of richness.

Mahogany Teakwood Travel Size Ultimate Hydration Body Cream With Shea Butter & Hyaluronic Acid

PRICE: $8.95
To truly care for your skin, you’re going to have to look beyond your face. Indeed, your whole body can benefit from this Ultimate Hydration Body Cream with Vitamin E, aloe, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. Try some now to soften up a bit. 

Ocean by Bath & Body Works Men’s Collection Cologne

PRICE: $49.95
Use this Ocean by Bath & Body Works Men’s Collection Cologne to build on your similarly scented Antiperspirant Deodorant Sweat & Odor Control. Repetition on a theme is a good thing when it smells this fresh.  

Graphite Body Spray

PRICE: $16.95
If you’re looking for body spray instead of cologne, the Bath & Body Works Men’s Shop has you covered there too. This Graphite Body Spray boasts notes of sage, bergamot spice, and leather woods to leave you feeling fresh and smelling clean all-over.

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