New Footage of a Fight Contradicts Trae Tha Truth's Previous Claim That His Crew Didn't Jump Z-Ro

Just a few days after Trae Tha Truth denied that Z-Ro was outnumbered in their viral brawl, new footage of the fight obtained by TMZ suggests otherwise.

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Earlier this week, Trae Tha Truth spoke out after video surfaced last weekend that appeared to show him and a group of men jumping fellow Houston rapper Z-Ro.

In a video posted to Instagram, Trae denied that Z-Ro was outnumbered in the fight.

“The situation that they are trying to paint, the narrative they are trying to paint, that shit is false,” he said. “Not a seven-on-one situation. It wasn’t no blindside, ambush, that’s not what this is. This is family business, internal stuff that’s been going on for 10, 15 years that’s probably been building up and just spilled over into shit, you know what I’m saying?”

New footage of the incident obtained by TMZ appears to suggest otherwise. As seen in the above clip, Trae is shown attacking Z-Ro along with at least four others.

Shortly after the footage went viral, Z-Ro spoke with TMZ, claiming he was ambushed by Trae and his crew.

“[I was] minding my business and when I walked outside, I’m called over to the side of sprinter van and [Trae] was like, ‘Ay, when you get finished doin’ that, come take this walk with me right quick,” he said. “I was like, ‘You talkin’ to me?’ I had to make sure he was talking to me ’cause I mean, I see you everywhere, you see me everywhere. So when I walked over there, the only thing I saw after that was this [gestures to being punched in the face].”

Z-Ro added, “When the video comes on, it’s me making sure, like, you know, I’m not gon’ go home looking like I just fought a football team. I don’t even live my life like that. I got too much positive shit goin’ on, I obviously didn’t expect no shit like that, really.”

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