Jadakiss Talks About Kodak Black Getting Him to Redo a Feature: 'It Was Funny to Me'

During a recent appearance on 'The Breakfast Club,' Jadakiss revealed that a young Kodak Black asked him to switch up his verse on their 2018 collab "Mama."

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Five years ago, Kodak Black enlisted the legendary LOX MC Jadakiss for the Florida rapper’s Mother’s Day tribute “Mama.” 

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, Jada was asked if artists ever request that he redo a guest verse, something the Notorious B.I.G. once pushed him to do on “Last Day.” According to the Yonkers native, Kodak—who was then just a 20-year-old upstart in the rap game—urged him to “switch” his guest feature.

“Kodak Black. My man Yak!” Kiss shared with a laugh. “Yak told me to switch it, yeah, and it was like a song about our moms.”

Jada added, “I’m like, ‘Yak...’ But I switched it and he like, ‘No doubt.’ I’m a person that’s easy to work with. It was funny to me. I think I spoke to him, we was on—he asked me, he actually said it, I think.”


While Jada hasn’t released a full-length project since 2020’s Ignatius, the legendary rapper recently expressed his desire to go toe-to-toe with Jim Jones in a Verzuz battle. Back in March, while speaking with Vibe, Jadakiss said he’s down to go hit-for-hit with the Dipset rapper and the Diplomats in a rematch of the iconic 2021 LOX v. Dipset Verzuz.

“You gotta talk to my advisors,” he told Vibe. “I would love to run it back, you know what I mean? Why not? For sure.”

Regarding a potential rematch, Jim Jones thinks it should go down at Madison Square Garden.

“I think we need proper respect of doing it in the Garden, the big Garden, with proper security, set up right so everybody have breathing room,” Jones told AllHipHop. “Not using it as no excuse, but we need a rematch for the city. I’m puttin’ it out there like Rocky after he lost to Apollo Creed. … And we gonna be ready like hot spaghetti.”

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