J. Prince Accuses Wack 100 of Working Against Him in Fight for Larry Hoover's Freedom: 'Lyin-Ass N***a'

Rap-a-Lot Records CEO J. Prince isn't shying away from expressing the issues he has with Wack 100, the longtime music manager for rappers like The Game.

Rap-a-Lot Records CEO J. Prince attends SXSW in 2016

Photo by Mindy Best/Getty Images for SXSW

Rap-a-Lot Records CEO J. Prince attends SXSW in 2016

Rap-a-Lot Records CEO J. Prince isn’t shying away from expressing his issues with Wack 100, the longtime music manager who recently aligned himself with 6ix9ine.

Prince took to Instagram on Monday to blast Wack for working “against the Hoover family,” as he accused him of trying to profit off of Larry Hoover’s name.

“It’s no secret that I, along with the Hoover family, lawyers, and friends are fighting hard for Larry Hoover freedom,” J. Prince said in an audio clip posted to his IG. “Meanwhile, this dude Wack and Karen Chapman, have taken the position to work against the Hoover family by trying to monetize off his name and withhold footage that could contribute to his freedom.” 

Prince went on to reference a Clubhouse conversation in which Wack allegedly denied stealing from the Hoover family.

“If it’s one thing this Wack dude is telling the truth about is that I don’t fuck with him,” Prince continued. “When I was in L.A. talking to this lyin’ ass n***a, never once did he take the position that he was partners in the theft of the Hoover family’s like he’s doing in that rehearsed conversation with them clowns.”

He added, “Now, what he is not telling the truth about is why. So, listen up, there’s a woman by the name of Karen Chapman that was entrusted by the Hoover family to interview Larry Hoover with the understanding of bringing the interview back to the family.”

“She decided to run off with the interview and a fake fraud contract claiming Larry Hoover signed all his rights away for nothing,” Prince continued. “Larry Hoover is far from being a dummy, so for Wack and Karen to be taking a position on disrespecting the Hoover family by attempting to sell Larry Hoover’s likeness without the family’s permission is a mistake — for whomever [is] considering buying it.”

Prince concluded by urging his followers not to “follow this clown,” saying, “A n***a that will kiss a rat in the mouth, for any amount of money, is capable of anything… Don’t follow this clown.”

Hours after Prince posted the audio recording on social media, Wack took to Instagram to respond to the Rap-a-Lot CEO’s accusations.

“You can argue with all that,” Wack captioned a post in which he scrolled through text messages exchanged between him and Prince. “All of a sudden you don’t know nothing. All of a sudden there has never been any conversation. All of a sudden none of this ever happened. My coast is my coast. My team is my team. #West.” 

Check out the pair’s text messages below.

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