Fabolous on Lyricism in Current Rap: 'I Think It's Still Here, In A Sense'

The Brooklyn MC believes countless rappers in the current era still prioritize lyrics.

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Fabolous isn't ready to wave the white flag when it comes to the lack of lyricism in today's rap game.

On the latest episode of Big Tipper's Rap City Beyond the Basement, the Brooklyn MC maintained that the current era still features several MC who prioritize bars.

“I think it’s still here, in a sense," Fab said at the 23-minute mark, when asked if hip-hop will return to lyricism. "It’s just not always pushed to the forefront. I think people need to hear lyrics that push them, that inspire them, create memories to. They need those. Every song can’t just be party, turn up. You need something that gives you.”

Fab continued by focusing on a benefit of the rap game in 2023, social media, which he credits with having the power to give people easy access to find true lyricists.

“I believe [lyricism is] here and I believe even now, the audience has the power to research it,” Fab explained. “They could search online, they could find those guys.”

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Back in July, Fabolous took to Instagram to criticize women in hip-hop for having "only one style." That being said, the Brooklyn rapper explained that women have more to offer, and he loves hearing "female rappers talking some real shit."

“Women are so strong. Have so many stories and perspectives that we need to hear in pure form," Fab wrote on his Instagram Story.

He continued: “No disrespect to any female rappers out there but I think there’s only one style of female rap/Hip Hop being promoted, programmed and looked at as successful now.”

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