Drake Responds to a Credit Card Being Declined During Livestream: 'Embarrassing!'

The Toronto rapper was trying to donate to a streamer on Kick when a credit card that wasn't his got declined.

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Over the weekend, Drake appeared on a special Kick livestream in an effort to promote the online casino Stake and responded to a card that wasn't his getting declined.

The Toronto rapper showed up to the stream with Lil Yachty, who Drizzy asked Kick to join forces with for a business deal.

“Yo, listen, I don’t know who owns Kick, but I know the chat wants to see Yachty go live," he said. "I’ve been telling him I feel like he can take over Kick. That’s just a little business idea for whoever owns Kick; they need to cut the check for my brother.”

Drake tells the streaming platform KICK to cut the check for Lil Yachty pic.twitter.com/1w3A5fcbMb

— 2Cool2Blog (@2Cool2Blog) June 4, 2023
Twitter: @2Cool2Blog

Moments later, Drizzy attempted to donate $500 to a streamer, only for the card being used (which was not his personal card as was previously reported) to get declined. "Embarrassing," Drake joked in a high-pitched voice, adding, "Yeah, what just happened?! Yeah, we're just not even..."

Drake’s card just got declined on stream 😭 pic.twitter.com/Jqp3lIqbfs

— ryan 🤿 (@scubaryan_) June 4, 2023
Twitter: @scubaryan_

Drake's livestream arrives as the rapper is gearing up to team up with 21 Savage for their It's All A Blur Tour.

The 54-date trek is set to kick off June 29 in Memphis, and will make stops in Chicago (July 5-6), Boston (July 11-12), Montreal (July 14-15), Brooklyn (July 17-21), New York City (July 23-26), San Francisco (August 18-19), Los Angeles (August 21-22), Las Vegas (September 1-2), Dallas (September 14-15), Houston (September 17-18), Atlanta (September 25-26), Miami (September 28-29), and Nashville (October 1-2), among other cities, before wrapping in Toronto on October 7.

See the full list of tour dates below.

It’s All A Blur Tour @Drake @21savage updates and new dates announced: https://t.co/gnmVzCIDWW pic.twitter.com/bc7qRfnbUI

— OVO Sound (@OVOSound) April 25, 2023
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