50 Cent Facing Lawsuit by Power 106 Host for Lost Wages and Medical Expenses Over Mic Throwing Incident

Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain claims she's suffered "severe and permanent injuries" from the incident.

Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty Images

Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain is suing 50 Cent for throwing a microphone at her during an August concert.

As reported by TMZ, Monegain has filed a lawsuit against Fif, as she has suffered “severe and permanent injuries," including a concussion and laceration on her forehead. The incident took place Aug. 30 during 50's Final Lap Tour stop in Los Angeles.

50 Cent tossed a mic into the audience and nailed a fan in the head.pic.twitter.com/0IlP1Y9nTZ

— Complex (@Complex) August 31, 2023
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"[He] threw the microphone towards a crowded area, causing the microphone to strike [her] face and left wrist and resulting in severe and permanent injuries," the lawsuit stated. As a result, Monegain suffered a "concussion, laceration over her forehead, and pain in her left wrist. She complained of dizziness, headaches, light and sound sensitivity and nausea.”

Monegain is suing for the wages she lost during the time she was hospitalized, in addition to medical expenses and other damages.

Back in November, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office announced they wouldn't be pressing charges against 50.

At the time, 50's lawyer Scott Leemon reiterated that his client would "never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone." Leemon added, “Anyone saying something different doesn’t have all the facts and is misinformed."

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