Hear Tyler, the Creator on Channel Tres' New Song "Fuego"

Compton's Channel Tres delivered his new mixtape 'I Can't Go Outside​​​​​​​,' featureing a rare guest appearance from Tyler, the Creator on the song "Fuego."

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Compton's Channel Tres has just delivered his new mixtape I Can't Go Outside, and it features a rare guest appearance from Tyler, the Creator.

Featuring not only a rapped verse from Tyler, but some singing, too, "Fuego" sees the two settling into a jazzy groove over a dancefloor-friendly beat. Upon premiering the track with Zane Lowe, Tres spoke at length about how the song actually came together. The two first met all the way back in 2015 when Tres moved back to Los Angeles following college, and he offered to play Tyler some beats while working at Panama Studios. 

"From there we weren't best friends or nothing, but just cordial," he explained. "If I see him, he'll say,'"What's up? We just cool. And then when I started becoming an artist, he FaceTimed me through the homie, Vic, his engineer and was just saying, 'You're brilliant.' And he was just like, 'Yo, this sh-t's tight, y'all. I been looking for something like this.' And then he didn't realize that I was from LA. He thought some dude from Paris or something made it. It was just cool, and then with 'Fuego,' they were in the studio and he just asked me to send him something, and I sent them that track."


Listen to "Fuego" above, and check out the full mixtape below.


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