Quentin Miller Says He Didn't Get Paid for Writing Drake Songs

Quentin Miller says he never got paid for his work with Drake, who he wrote for on the rapper's 2015 project 'If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.'

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Quentin Miller says he never got paid for his work with Drake, who he wrote for on the rapper’s 2015 project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Miller made the claim in a new interview with Vlad TV, where he discussed the fallout from Meek Mill accusing him of “ghostwriting” for Drizzy, despite being credited on four songs from IYRTITL. “It was just really inconsiderate,” Miller said of the whole ordeal. “It’s like I don’t matter. ... Maybe just ‘cause I was a writer, I don’t know. ... Even with [DJ] Drama and them, just throwing my whole life on the back burner just, like you know whatever, to get at a n***a. But what about me, what about me taking care of my family? The fact that I put my whole life into this shit.”

Miller accused Meek of robbing him of a big year. “I’m working with a n***a that literally is about to change my life, you know, even though I was in my horrible, horrible, horrible publishing situation with Tricky [Stewart] so I never got a publishing check off of any Drake songs,” he continued. “I never got a single publishing check off any songs. I had to feed my family off getting paid under the table in that situation, ‘cause Tricky and them wouldn’t let me go. … I didn’t get out that deal ‘til 2019, 2020; I signed [in] 2011.”

Ultimately Miller was able to get out of his publishing deal with Tricky, but that didn’t come without him having to make some sacrifices. "I had to let go of a lot of shit just to get out. Even while I was in it, I never got a publishing check or nothing," he added. "I was just grinding, bro. I was grinding it out just hoping that one day that one song or working with that one artist is gonna change something—and that was the Drake thing! But it just didn’t change anything.”

Miller was also forced to clarify a viral moment last year when he was accused of being an uncredited writer on Nas’ King’s Disease II track “The Pressure.” Miller made it clear that he’s actually credited on the track, which he got after he threw “some ideas out” when he was in the studio with Hit-Boy. “That’s it, that’s all that happened with the Nas shit,” he said.

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