Quentin Miller Claims Big Sean Tried to Shortchange His Songwriting Credits on 'What You Expect'

Quentin Miller has claimed that Big Sean initially didn’t credit him for his work on some tracks from the Hit-Boy collaborative EP 'What You Expect.'

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Quentin Miller has claimed that Big Sean initially didn’t credit him for his work on the Hit-Boy collaborative EP What You Expect.

In an interview with DJ Vlad, the songwriter and rapper opened up about his experiences working with Big Sean, who he first met in the studio when Drake and Sean recorded “Blessings.” “Yeah I worked with Big Sean. Big Sean, man, that really broke my heart,” he said. “I remember meeting him in the studio with Drake… When I get to working with Sean on this last project, the What You Expect with Hit-Boy, I’m part of three songs. There’s only six songs on there. Man, we texting and talking everyday. I’m pullin’ up on Sean’s crib, like, every other day."

One day when he was at Sean’s house, he noticed the Detroit rapper’s BET Hip-Hop Award for “Blessings.” “I was like, ‘Damn, I didn’t know this won an award,’” he said. “He’s just like, ‘Yeah bro, you don’t even know that song helped me a lot.’” Miller is not credited on “Blessings,” but that could be because he potentially worked on it as a ghostwriter, which is something he was accused of doing for Drake by Meek Mill in 2015. 

“Maybe, like, a week before the album drops, he’s just not responding to me at all,” he continued. “Then, like a week before, I’m in the studio with Hit-Boy, I just randomly hear in a conversation with Hit, ‘yeah, the album drops next week.’ I’m like, ‘wait, what?’ I didn’t even know. So then I start hitting him, and then I’m getting texts from his manager. Now I’m only talking to his manager! I’m like, ‘What happened?’ … Then shit come out, we still ain’t signed the paperwork or nothing, my name was not on the credits.”

Per the songwriting credits on Apple Music, Miller is credited on two of the tracks on What You Expect. His name appears on “Chaos” and “Offense,” which features Babyface Ray and 42 Dugg.

When the EP dropped, Miller continued to ask Sean about the situation and said he would’ve asked for some money if it was going to be a ghostwriter situation. In response, Sean’s team claimed that they couldn’t properly credit those involved yet because the paperwork hadn’t been finalized. “But I’m like, ‘Everybody else’s name is on there,’” he said. “They tried to play me on the publishing, I had to fight to get my name on the credits. I think they put my name on one song on like Spotify or something like that.” 

Overall, he said the situation “disappointed” and “hurt” him. “I thought dude was solid,” he concluded. “That let me down, man.”

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