Megan Thee Stallion Responds to Claim She’s Not From Houston, Carl Crawford and J Prince to Sit for Deposition

Megan Thee Stallion has responded to 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO Carl Crawford after he accused her of not actually being from Houston, Texas.

Megan Thee Stallion performs during Lollapalooza Paris Festival at Hippodrome de Longchamp

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Megan Thee Stallion performs during Lollapalooza Paris Festival at Hippodrome de Longchamp

Megan Thee Stallion has responded to 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO Carl Crawford after he accused her of not actually being from Houston. She responded via several tweets shortly after filing documents that indicated her legal team will be forcing Crawford and J. Prince to sit for depositions as part of the ongoing lawsuit over her contract. Prince will sit for a recorded deposition on October 24 and Crawford will sit for one the next day. 

“I’m so over these grown ass men trying to take credit away from the work me and my mama put into the beginning of my career,” she tweeted. “Me and my mom ‘developed’ my career I was already known for free styling and I was already working on Tina Snow before I got to 1501.”

Crawford made the initial allegation that Megan isn’t from Houston during an Instagram Live session, where he addressed the current situation with the rapper, who is currently suing the record label. The Traumazine rapper first signed with 1501 in early 2018, and later signed a management deal with Roc Nation in September 2019.

“When my mama died I knew a bunch of hood n***as who just started a label for the FIRST time were not gonna be able to manage me PROPERLY so I got with Roc,” she wrote in a second tweet. “By this time I was a bigger artist and I asked to renegotiate… NOT LEAVE what was wrong with that? That man is GREEDY.”

Megan is suing 1501 in an effort to part ways with the Houston-based label, with her attorneys arguing that she has “satisfied all option periods” stipulated in her contract since dropping Traumazine. However, 1501 has countered that she hasn’t filled her contractual obligations, and argued that her Something for Thee Hotties project does not constitute as an “album” as defined in the recording agreement she signed.

“Like for this man to keep getting on the internet with his back up to talk like he made me is ridiculous,” she added. “Was you writing my songs? Were you with me in my dorm room recording me rapping? What abt all that rapping out side my mamma car? Think cyphers?? I ain’t even know YOU.” In a follow-up tweet, she added, “If you wanna be REALLL I DEVELOPED 1501.”

She went on to accuse Crawford of talking “so much shit” about Rap-A-Lot founder J Prince, who she said he’s now good friends with. “I only respond when people say my name so all them weirdo comments abt ‘I’m looking for sympathy and attention’ is DEAD,” she wrote. “Talk to me & Ima talk back when I feel like it 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t need validation from the internet but I’m not weak either … beat me in court not the comment section.”

Directly responding to the allegation that she’s not from Houston, since he never saw her playing anywhere when she was younger, she replied, “Sir I would hope 42 year old men couldn’t tell you where I was playing at as a kid.”

“Now I’m just a made up character from Houston? Nobody in Houston knows me ? I just started ‘claiming Houston’ when I got famous.. like it ain’t school pictures and some more shit out in the world,” she also wrote. 

Ending her run of tweets on the subject, Megan concluded, “im done responding 🥱 stop bringing up where I’m from and bring me my MONEY gn internet.”

In a recent Instagram Live stream, Crawford said, “Y’all so real but you ain’t never in Houston.”

“You wanna put Sauce Walka and ‘nem on the project because you ain’t been around and you want everybody to think, ‘Oh, you H-Town, you 90 Southside.’ What I’m hearing, you ain’t even from the Southside,” he said. “Megan from H-Town? Megan from San Antonio. Don’t nobody got a Dead End story about Megan. Go find one.” 

J Prince, in an extensive post shared on Instagram, defended Crawford after Megan attacked his character and denied his allegations.

“For years we have stood by quietly as MTS and her mgmt at Roc Nation has lied about Carl Crawford and his 1501 label,” he wrote. “The truth is that Carl discovered, developed and fully financed MTS early in her career which led to a life changing distribution agreement for her with 300 Entertainment.”

Prince added that 1501 “generously agreed” to give Megan 40 percent of its profits, which he said is “substantially more than the customary record royalty that a new artist receives from a record label.” He said that Roc Nation, who Megan has a management deal with, pays its new artists “significantly less than 40 percent of the profits,” and said her allegations against the label are “blatantly false and contrary to the facts or custom in the music industry and are made with the specific intent to mislead and interfere with 1501’s contractual rights.”

He went on to accuse Megan of breaching her contract with 1501 multiple times, too. Prince said that her claim that 1501 “leaked her album” is “specious and nonsensical.”

In an interview with Complex, Meg’s attorney Alex Spiro shut down the accusation from 1501’s attorney that Traumazine also does not qualify as an album. “We have reason to believe they’ve withheld a significant amount of money from her, and these witnesses are going to be deposed and we’re going to get to the bottom of it,” Spiro said.

As for the leak claim, Spiro said Meg’s legal team has “information to believe they [1501] did” leak the record. “Now that the case is filed and they’re going to have to go under oath, we expect this case to be resolved quickly,” he said.

Billboard also reported that Meg’s lawyers have asked a judge to obtain Warner Music Group documents that could indicate who leaked the album, saying the 300 Entertainment parent company “was one of the few companies that received a copy of Traumazine in advance of its formal release.” She is not accusing WMG of the leak outright, but “does believe that receiving documents and communications from WMG related to Traumazine and its release should help discover” where the leak came from.

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