Meek Mill Slammed for Saying 'Free Tory Lanez' After Performing Their Song "Litty"

The rappers notably collaborated on the 2016 track "Litty."

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During a performance at Rolling Loud Portugal, Meek Mill called for Tory Lanez'srelease from jail.

In a video circulating on TikTok, Meek is seen performing the DC4 track "Litty," which featured the currently incarcerated Canadian rapper. "That was fucking lit," he told the crowd after he performed the song. "Free Tory Lanez, too, one time."

Meek Mill says “Free Tory Lanez” as he performs “Litty Again” for Rolling Loud Portugal.

— Rap Alert (@rapalert6) July 9, 2023
Twitter: @rapalert6

Meek and Tory have collaborated a number of times and at one point they were planning to drop a full-length album together, though that never materialized.

Lanez is currently awaiting sentencing after he was convicted of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. He is set to be sentenced on August 7. Prosecutors in the case are asking for a 13-year sentence against Lanez, who has maintained his innocence.

Understandably, people were less than enthused by Meek calling for the release of Lanez considering what he's behind bars for. It also comes just weeks after he defended YK Osiris, who was seen in a video forcing himself on Sukihana.

What a loser

— Tittygate 2023 (@jiggyjayy2) July 9, 2023
Twitter: @jiggyjayy2

All the celebrity and celebrity adjacent men decided that now is the time to be their corniest.

Corndog Summer.

— Grabba Ranks (@timmhotep) July 9, 2023
Twitter: @timmhotep

the man who justified a woman being sexually assaulted three weeks ago also supports a man who shot a woman? so shocking. lol.

— danisha carter (@DanishaCarter4) July 10, 2023
Twitter: @DanishaCarter4

The industry is so weird everybody hates gunna for “snitching” although we have no proof of that but mfers a yell “Free Tory” and there’s evidence of him shooting Megan 😐

— Pharoah 🤴🏽 (@JtdaPharoah) July 9, 2023
Twitter: @JtdaPharoah

Meek Mill is always on the wrong side of history. Even if you feel in your heart of hearts Tory should be free you just keep it to yourself 😂

— Brick by Brick (@marathonkash) July 10, 2023
Twitter: @marathonkash

I mean are we surprised

— 🧚🏿 (@Moneyagami) July 9, 2023
Twitter: @Moneyagami

Despite the criticism, there's a good chance Meekl didn't see any of it.

Last week, he deactivated his Twitter account after posting a photo of himself on the floor of a toilet because he was hungover from a night of heavy drinking. "Too much liquor SMH," wrote the 36-year-old rapper, who had attended Michael Rubin's star-studded all-white party in the Hamptons.

In a since-deleted tweet, he appeared to respond to the ridicule. "We have so much influence they trying to use Small internet campaigns to sway the peoples perception of artists," he wrote. "We are basically our own media bases now and we can say what we want at will in front of millions and they don’t feel that. ... Anything I post they try to amplify it and make me look stupid. I wasn’t created on the internet and I know they got some of y'all in a trans threw social perception. That's why content creators win because lead the narrative."

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