Logic Shares New Video for "One Day"

Logic previously shared the Ryan Tedder-featuring single "One Day" last month, and now he's giving the feel-good record a big push with a dramatic new video addressing families separated at the U.S. border as well as the rise of neo-nazis.

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After sharing a new song featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublicLogic has just released a video for the feel-good track. Tedder had been teasing the collaboration for months before Logic debuted it live. The new video isn't quite as uplifting as the song itself, which Logic has said before is "for everyone out there with dreams and goals," but it does share its message.

The video follows two children who're raised differently before they go on to meet later in life. The video doesn't hold back, featuring a family raising their son to be a neo-Nazi and another kid who was separated from his family at the border. It's clearly a reference to all the families being separated at the U.S. border, strongly condemning the actions of the government.

Logic let fans know the video for the song was coming on his Twitter, calling it "very important" and stating how he was "incredibly proud of it." The video features appearances from Luis Guzmán, Michael Peña, and Judy Reyes. Logic shared the video on Twitter with the statement, "WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS."

Just last month, Logic teased that he had 80 songs ready to go, releasing "One Day" just a week later. "WE GOT MUSIC!!!!!! 80 unreleased songs, 7 projects," he tweeted. It's unclear if he's aiming to releasing all seven of these tentative projects in the near future or not, but with the push he's giving "One Day" it seems likely he'll at least be dropping a new release before the end of the year.

Watch the video for "One Day" above.

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