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Logic took to Twitter late Monday night to tease that he’s sitting on a mountain of music, a.k.a. 80 unreleased songs and seven projects.

He wrote, “WE GOT MUSIC!!!!!! 80 unreleased songs, seven projects. Not for those who hate but for those who love us! We making music everyday and SELLING OUT ARENAS!!!! Thousands every night I love you RattPack,” adding, “I do what I love everyday. Peace, Love, and Positivity!!!!!!”

Since he says “we,” it’s unclear whether all the music is Logic’s, or if he’s referring to other artists he’s working with from Visionary Music Group.

Back in April, Logic assured us that Ultra 85 wasn’t going to be his last album, even though he indicated in the booklet of his album Everybody that his next album would be his last, where he wrote, “For the real fans reading this hidden message my next album will be called Ultra 85, and it will be the conclusion to this saga.”

Since then, Logic’s featured on a handful of songs and dropped a few videos; that, coupled with the news above, probably means it’s safe to say he isn’t going anywhere just yet.