J. Prince Offers Condolences and Addresses Takeoff's Death: 'This Shouldn't Have Ever Happened in Our City'

Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince has offered condolences and addressed Takeoff’s death in a shooting that went down in Houston, Texas earlier this week.

Takeoff of Migos onstage at A Conversation with Migos

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Takeoff of Migos onstage at A Conversation with Migos

Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince has offered condolences and addressed the fatal shooting of Takeoff in Houston.

In an extensive statement shared on Instagram alongside a photo of the late Migos rapper, J. Prince set the record straight after rumors spread when Quavo and Takeoff were spotted hanging with his son Jas Prince before the shooting. “The Prince family would like to send our condolences to the family and friends of a beautiful soul,” he wrote. “To Houstonians and families around the world, this one breaks my heart because Takeoff was a brother, a son, a role model, and God loving human being.”

J. Prince is often considered one of the most important figures in Houston's rap scene, and he said he's been friendly with all three members of Migos for a long time. "This shouldn’t have happened. This shouldn’t have ever happened in our city," he continued. "This shouldn’t have been recorded, and this damn sure shouldn’t be circulating across social media for family, friends and fans to see. As I write this I’m angry about the lack of love and respect we have for one another as a race which keeps bringing us back to the same tragic place of Black on Black killing.”

He went on to directly address speculation that his son had some involvement in Takeoff’s death. "They say satan is the author of confusion and right now there are a lot of lies and false narratives being spread by media whores,” he said. “I consider myself a man that’s quick to listen and slow to speak, therefore to whomever is responsible for putting that bullet in my little nephews head, let it be known that you can’t hide behind me, beside me or anywhere near me because I don’t tolerate dumb shit."

Regardless of who is responsible for the killing, J. Prince said it all stemmed from a “foolish” situation. “To the homies in Georgia and around the world that got love for Takeoff like we do know this: let’s change the narrative in our culture by putting an end to every argument or disagreement resulting in violence,” he concluded. “It’s okay to live and let live to see another day. Rest in peace Takeoff.”

Takeoff was shot and killed outside of 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston on Tuesday, Nov. 1. The Houston Police Department has since indicated approximately 40 people were outside the venue when the altercation went down, leaving Takeoff dead and at least two others injured. 

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