Internet Archive Rescues Over 490,000 Songs Deleted by Myspace During Server Migration

Last month Myspace made an announcement that upset a lot of its former users.


Image via Getty/Michael Loccisano


Last month Myspace made an announcement that upset a lot of its former userbase, with the company revealing that they somehow deleted as many as 50 million user-uploaded songs from 2003 through 2015 during a server migration progration. "We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest that you retain back up copies," Myspace said in their statement.

Thankfully, as Engadgetnotes, the Internet Archive has managed to save a number of songs lost during the migration process. The Archive's Jason Scott revealed on Twitter that they've officially managed to scrounge together some of the songs that were lost, releasing 490,000 tracks from 2008-10 in total. While it's not close to reaching 50 million, it's an impressive number for content that many assumed was gone forever. Titled the "Myspace Dragon Hoard," all of the tracks are now available to sift through here.

The page will take a while to load at first, but it can be searched through after it takes a second to initialize. Scott said that the set was gathered by "an anonymous academic group who were studying music networks and grabbed 1.3 terabytes of MP3s to study from Myspace in roughly 2008-2010 to do so." One of the people from the group asked Scott if he wanted what they had ripped from Myspace, and he jumped at the chance while also encouraging more people to reach out if they have more content that may have been lost.

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