Grimes on That Bizarre Azealia Banks and Elon Musk Incident

Grimes sat down with 'Rolling Stone' for an extensive interview in which she discussed Azealia Banks, Elon Musk, and more.

Grimes and Elon Musk

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Grimes and Elon Musk

In 2018, a bizarre saga kicked off after Azealia Banks claimed she had been alone in Elon Musk's home waiting for Grimes for days. The situation only proceeded to get weirder, with Banks alleging that Musk hired an attorney to blackmail her, prompting her to call him a "trash ass beta male pig." She later apologized to both Musk and Grimes. In a new interview, Grimes said that she forgives Banks and has moved on.

Following the release of her new album Miss Anthropocene, Grimes sat down for an extensive profile with Rolling Stone, in which she called the drama between her, Banks, and Musk "a sad, dark thing." She added, "I just, like, forgive her, and forgiving her is really, really hard." While she can look past the situation now, it caused her a lot of grief at the time. "I was losing my sh*t. I was like, 'Oh, f*ck, oh, f*ck.' I felt I had caused the downfall of everything I care about and everyone I care about, like, I f*cked everything up, like really crazy," she said.

Despite her panic, she said that Musk was able to snap her out of it, telling her, "You have to be in a battle right now." As the story goes, Banks attempted to meet up with Grimes in order to finish her studio album, but when she arrived in Los Angeles she was ghosted for a few days. "Staying at Musk's house is like a real episode of Get Out," she said at the time. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Grimes discussed her relationship with Elon Musk. "The shit that's happened with my boyfriend this year has overwritten so much of my life's work," she said, adding that despite dating a billionaire she is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. "I was hard, hard, hard, left before. I still actually sort of am, but there’s the obvious dissonance of my boyfriend."

With a baby on the way, Grimes said that she isn't concerned about him as a billionaire because he's using his wealth to help people and further technology. "When I look at the aims of my boyfriend and I look at the aims of Bernie, like, their end goals are very similar," she added. "Fix environmental problems, reduce suffering. It’s worth dissecting the wealth gap, it’s worth dissecting the existence of billionaires, but situations have nuance."

Check out the full Grimes profile for Rolling Stone here.

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