Premiere: FXXXXY Drops New Video for "Paranoia / #1 Stunna"

FXXXXY has delivered a stylish visual that showcases why he's continually proven himself as one to watch.

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Dallas artist FXXXXY has delivered another stylish visual that showcases why he's been proving himself as one to watch.

Directed by Erik Rojas, the video for his recent single "Paranoia / #1 Stunna" follows FXXXXY as he's hunted by a woman on a quest for vengeance. As soon as the video settles into a paranoid neo-noir tone, a distinct shift in the visuals mimics the switch-up in the beat itself. He awakens to discover it was a dream, and immediately brings a more confident energy in the comparatively relaxed second half of the video.

As for the concept of the video, FXXXXY told Complex that the shoot was a "crazy and a fun time." He added, "To basically see my idea come to life visually just represented a source of hope for me because things like that don’t really happen where I’m from. It’s something that I can take motivation from."

"I think as a creative I just let things happen and flow as they happen," Fxxxy explained when asked why he made the decision to split the song into two distinct halves. "It wasn’t on purpose, it was just what I was feeling at the time. I think it represents how vulnerable I can be but then my ego comes back to cover it up so I don’t feel it as much which is what '#1 Stunna' kind of did in the song." 

The arrival of FXXXXY's new video follows a series of high-profile collaborations and writing credits that have even seen him get his own platinum plaque. He's contributed to Future's High Off Life album, worked with both Gunna and Lil Durk, and just recently he worked on Internet Money's "Thrusting." 

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