Flo Rida Says He Plans to Pursue Philanthropy With $82 Million Energy Drink Settlement

Flo Rida said that the $82 million he won in the lawsuit against energy drink company Celsius has opened the door for more charitable efforts.

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In an interview with TMZ, Flo Rida said that the $82 million he won after suing energy drink company Celsius has opened the door for more charitable efforts.

The rapper was asked if he’s considered retiring from music because of the settlement, but he said he could’ve done that prior to the result. “I had faith that this would happen, so I mean it’s nothing new for me,” he said of the huge windfall. “No I promise, before this with my music alone it was like… I could just retire, you know what I’m saying? But now [I’m] more so happy about the philanthropic things that I could do.”

Flo Rida explained that this will be a big benefit for his Big Dreams for Kids charity, and a football league for kids. “Those are the things I’m excited about,” said Flo Rida, who hasn't released a new album since 2012 but continues to perform live worldwide. “I get two-for-one traveling to the most beautiful places in the world. I’ll go and do shows, but I’ll stay there and enjoy myself. So now, it’s just like the thing about generational wealth and how I can just open doors for other people."

Last month, Flo Rida was awarded over $82 million upon winning the lawsuit against the company, which he accused of owing him money from an endorsement deal signed in 2014. He alleged the company failed to honor promised stock options and bonuses, and argued he helped boost the company’s profile. He was initially seeking just $30,000 in damages. 

As for his thoughts on the verdict on the lawsuit, Flo Rida told TMZ that it was all business. “This isn’t nothing about Celsius being bad," he said. "It’s about the business. No [hard feelings]. I’m a God-fearing person. I’m a forgiving person and I just look forward to them getting the business right and understanding that I played a major part. This is not one-dimensional. It takes a team, but I was that person that gave Celsius the opportunity of a lifetime.”

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