Bhad Bhabie Responds to People Mentioning How Different She Looks: 'Gonna Be My Last Time Addressing This'

Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram recently, where she listed the various cosmetic procedures she's had and said that she plans on getting more down the line.


Image via Getty/Gregg DeGuire


After facing more questions about her new look, Bhad Bhabie admitted that she got lip fillers and other procedures. She also defended her physical evolution, noting that everyone starts to look different as they age.

In a post shared on Instagram, the “Hi Bich” rapper went through specifics about her appearance-altering procedures. “I got ½ syringe of lip fillers a couple months ago , veneers and sculptra and silicone in my butt I’ve told y’all that multiple times,” she explained alongside a screenshot of a post highlighting the recent commentary on her look. “What’s the point of my wearing make up if it don’t make me look better?”

She also shot down suggestions that she had “full facial reconstruction” surgery, since she’s only 18, and highlighted that she only receives comments about looking different when she sports make-up and wigs. “No one else looks the same at 18 as they did 13,” she continued. “Everyone has a glow up. Some ppl was ugly ass hell kids and look amazing now.”

Bhabie also said that she plans to get more plastic surgery procedures in the future, focusing specifically on her nose. “When I do get my nose done I will b glad to let y’all know but funny thing ab me is I’m scared as hell Of being put under anesthesia so I would never even do that over some looks only if it was a life or death situation or something for my health,” she wrote.

In a video accompanying, the caption, Bhabi said “this is gonna be my last time addressing this,” before explaining how she uses makeup to alter the way she looks. 

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