Asian Doll Shares Heartbreaking Messages Following King Von's Death: 'My Heart Is Gone'

King Von and Asian Doll were romantically linked during their respective rap careers and the 'Project Princess' artist expressed her grief after his death.

Asian Doll

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Asian Doll

Chicago rapper King Von died on Friday following a shooting incident in Atlanta and his former girlfriend Asian Doll is understandably heartbroken by the news. The two rappers had been romantically attached as recently as last month with Asian Doll posting a series of heartbreaking and worrying tweets in the wake of his passing.

"I wanna die 2 shid it feel like I'm dead already," she tweeted after the news of King Von's death went public. "I'll never be the same I just hope you visit me in all my dreams I just wanna sleep so I can picture us again I just wanna close my eyes & never open then again... Von I'm gone [broken heart emoji] ... My heart is gone I'm just a empty soul in a human body I rather die then to feel this pain I CANT TAKE IT IM NOT STRONG ENOUGH VON."

Her tweets continued to worry her fans, who have been offering her love and support in this difficult time. "If I die right now I wouldn't even be tripping," she wrote. "My whole life just crashed in my face while I was away trying to get over a heartbreak & make peace within MYSELF cause I knew 100% at the we was gone be TOGETHER 4EVER. ... I said Von wassup why you steady acting out he said, 'Ma I'm not even gone lie I'm just living til' I die that's all ma I'm hurt & im just living.' Whole time in my heart I KNEW it I know you lik the back of my hand you dont talk about your problems only in your head... baby I kno."

Afterward, her posts took a more positive turn as she celebrated Von's achievements since he burst onto the Chicago drill scene. "Von resting fasho he's at peace my boy was battling ALOT of shit never spoke about it just over worked his self with this music shit glad I was able to be more this just yo girlfriend I'm so thankful for you," she wrote. "I don't know how much longer I can cry [crying emoji] to many tears to much pain gone make me crash out.... help me!"

She then shared pictures of them together, showing what they meant to one another.

 Nicki Minaj reached out to offer her support to Asian Doll. "I'm sure I don't have the right words but I'm sending my love & praying for your strength, baby girl," wrote Nicki on Twitter.

King Von was fatally shot in a shooting involving police outside a nightclub in downtown Atlanta on Friday morning. Further details on the incident nor investigation are not yet available at this time of publication. 

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