Ari Fletcher Says She Lets Her and G Herbo’s Son Curse: 'I Feel Like It's a Way to Express Himself'

She said that he isn't allowed to curse at her, however.

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Ariana 'Ari' Fletcher has revealed that she lets her son YoSohn, whom she had with ex-boyfriend G Herbo in 2018, curse while playing video games.

"I let yosohn say some curse words when he playing the game. I feel like it’s a way to express yourself," Fletcher wrote in a post shared on X, formerly Twitter. "He doesn’t curse to or at me. But yall I just heard him say 'his fat ass about to get me' and I’m crying laughing so mf hard!"

Twitter: @AriTheDon

Shortly after she sent the tweet about her five-year-old son, she suggested she got some pushback against letting him curse at such an early age. "The internet is so unrealistic and fake perfect," she wrote. "If you think your kids don’t curse behind your back you’re crazy. I don’t wanna hear all that bullshit like please put a fucking sock in it!"

Twitter: @AriTheDon

A fan pointed out that children often curse much to the amusement of adults anyway, but it's only a problem when a famous person's child does it. "On God," she wrote. "Be ready to call CPS on a bitch. Lol." When a fan asked if he was four years old, she replied, "He's 1 bitch stop writing me you doing all that dick sucking in the comments ain't nobody nut yet. Move around bitch!!!"

Twitter: @AriTheDon

Twitter: @AriTheDon

It's no secret that YoSohn has taken a fondness to cursing around his parents, as G Herbo revealed in a hilarious post shared on his Instagram Stories last year. "WHY IS MY SON TEXTING ME THREATENING ME," he wrote alongside crying laughing emojis. "If you keep hanging up on me then I will break your bones man," YoSohn wrote in the messages. "All right I'm gonna break your bones for real."

Twitter: @SaycheeseDGTL

Earlier this year, Fletcher suggested that Herbo still acts a certain way around her despite ending their relationship years ago. "[G Herbo] says things... But we’re never in a setting where he can be like, ‘Yeah, let me ...,’” she said. "I think it’s a joke. I don’t even take him serious. Like, sometimes, if you overdo it, it’s like, 'Stop, you doing too much, you know I got a n***a.’ I don’t take him serious like that, so it just be like, ‘Boy.’”

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