6ix9ine Crew Members Arrested After Gunshot at Barclays Center Amid Casanova Beef

Shots were also reportedly fired at a Casanova music video shoot in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy.

6ix9ine is constantly surrounded by legal issues, and now it looks as if numerous members of his crew are under police investigation for their alleged involvement in a shooting that took place while rapper Casanova was shooting a music video. As TMZ reports, 69's rival Casanova was shot at in NYC's Bedford-Stuyvesant last week, when around ten shots were fired at his crew. Two men were hit, but are expected to recover.

6ix9ine and Casanova have been beefing for a long time now, but now things are getting even more violent as Tekashi continues to be reckless. TMZ points out that another shooting involving 6ix9ine's crew took place over the weekend. During Adrien Broner's fight at Barclays Center on Saturday (April 21), an unidentified member of 6ix9ine's crew fired a shot during an altercation with Casanova's entourage.

While 69 and Broner have been beefing online, the altercation that took place at Barclays Center had nothing to do with the boxer. 

In a video of the incident that took place during Casanova's music video shooting, numerous shots can be heard while his crew attempt to flee. Broner did take a moment to call out 6ix9ine after the match was declared a draw after 12 rounds, but considering the incident with the rival crews it's unlikely 69 caught what he said.

Adrien Broner trying to steal Jim Gray's mic and then diving into pure ignorance is an all-timer pic.twitter.com/dGvRc9Ncm9

Police say the incident at Barclays Center was likely a continuation of the shooting that took place during the music video shoot. The case is currently under investigation, but suspects have not been named as of yet.

6ix9ine, who last year pleaded guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance, was accused of more sexual misconduct allegations involving an underage girl last week. An 18-year-old woman claims to have had a sexual relationship with him when she was 17, telling Babe, "I'm not tryna put him in jail or anything, but he has to learn to stay in his lane."

She says she kept in touch with him until February this year, claiming they had six or seven sexual encounters. Tekashi69 has yet to respond to the allegations.

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