50 Cent has shared his thoughts on a video that shows his track “In Da Club” playing during a Ja Rule show.

Initially uploaded to TikTok last month, Fif’s track was dropped during Power 106.9’s Jingle Jam concert, which Ja Rule and Ashanti performed at. During the clip, people can be seen on the stage attempting to put an end to the music. “Aye cut this shit off,” said one person who grabbed the mic on stage. The TikTok post was captioned, “Playing 50 at a Ja concert just all out disrespectful.” 

Based on his response, 50 appears to have gotten a kick out of it all. 

“LOL,” wrote Fif alongside a video of the moment. “Now this is some funny shit! I wish I had something to do with it.”

It’s unclear if the DJ behind the moment played the track intentionally, but it’s no secret that 50 Cent and Ja Rule aren’t friends. Several people on stage appeared to question the DJ for the song choice, but it continued to play for whatever reason.

Ja and Fif have been beefing for over two decades at this point, and the two of them have continued to go back-and-forth on social media on a semi-regular basis. In 2021, for instance, Fif took great joy in Ja Rule’s alleged $3 million in unpaid federal taxes.