Rick Ross Addresses Leaving ‘85 South Comedy Show,’ Shares Graphic Response to If Anyone’s Faked Orgasm With Him

After unexpectedly walking off set during his '85 South Comedy Show' interview in December, Rick Ross shared an explanation on the 'Breakfast Club.'

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After unexpectedly walking off set during his85 South Comedy Show interview in December, Rick Ross had some explaining to do. And what’s exactly what he did when he chopped it up with the Breakfast Club on Monday.

In the new conversation, Ross clarified that walking off set wasn’t out of spite, or even on purpose, and that he was just in the “zone.” While speaking on Dec. 17 to 85 South hosts DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean, Ross said he had to use the bathroom, and got up and left. But it wasn’t anything personal, he says. 

“I think I was just really in the zone,” he said. “I was smoked out good, I was in the zone. When I’m in the zone and get one of them money calls, I just ease out that motherfucker.” 

Rozay added that he only found out about the viral moment when it was “already everywhere online,” and legitimately didn’t remember it happening. 

“I ain’t even realize it. I was in the zone,” he said. “I went into the bathroom, was on the phone, smoked one, and you go outside and you just leave. I just left. Them my little homies, too. It was a cool interview. We smoking and chilling and shit and man, I was in the zone.”

Ross used the phrase once more in his latest chat with the Breakfast Club, while talking about an entirely different zone. When asked around the 25:30 mark if a woman has ever faked an orgasm while sleeping with him, Ross said he “can’t tell you when somebody did,” but that it would be a hard stunt to pull off with him. 

“But when I’m Rozay, in this zone, you can’t fake the mess they make for Rozay. That splash,” Ross said. “You’d have thought the fire alarm came on the way that splash come out. So if you could fake that, you a hell of a...you feel me?”

Ross also spoke on the splash he made on the charts last year with his December LP Richer Than I Ever Been, and the changing landscape of music. As he explained at the 15:30 mark, the project was his “last album with Epic.” Ross entered that deal in January of 2016.

“I kept it tight as possible, clean as possible, my last project, 10 albums in. And that album’s still outselling a lot of this generation’s movement,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Yo this shit is different.’ I used to love going to Best Buy, seeing the line going all the way down the street. And you might get a cute chick that might faint every once in a while and you help her up. It’s just the love. But I don’t know, do the true love match the streaming numbers? Because I would take the love over the streaming any day…I’m not impressed with that streaming shit, I’m really not impressed with it.”

Check out Rozay’s full interview, where he also touches on his May car show and the current lineup of MMG, above. 

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