Premiere: Watch Rome Streetz and Ransom's New Video "No Remorse"

Underground darlings Rome Streetz and Ransom link up and drop the first single and video for "No Remorse" from their collaborative project 'Coup de Grâce.'

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Up-and-comer Rome Streetz and grizzled vet Ransom have teamed up to provide a soundtrack for this East Coast winter we’re about to embark on. Both are underground all-stars and this first single, “No Remorse,” sets the table for their forthcoming album Coup de Grâce.

The beat—produced by Streetzy—sounds like it could be on The Warriors soundtrack as Rome and Ransom provide the details of their lyrical capers. “Basically we have no remorse for the rap game. We came to violate it, kill it in a vicious way, just like we did ol’ boy in the video. The rap world owes me, so I came to kill everyone and take this shit over,” Rome says with fervor. According to Ransom, the two have “been working since early 2020 and through the work, discovered we had cohesive styles and we decided to do a whole album late 2020, early 2021.”

Rome Streetz has always been a fan of Ransom’s, so linking with him was a no-brainer. “I always been a fan of his work he was familiar with my work so the respect was mutual, he told me he wanted to cook up and I was wit it,” he told Complex. “The hardest shit since crack came out.”

Coup de Grâce drops Friday (Oct. 29).

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