Premiere: Stream Psalm One's 'P.O.L.Y. (Psalm One Loves You)' Album

The Chicago MC impresses with her latest release.

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Tomorrow, Psalm One, the first lady of Rhymesayers Ent. will be releasing her third album titled P.O.L.Y. (Psalm One Loves You). The Windy City spitter's acrobatic wordplay is backed by live instrumentation and creative production. P.O.L.Y. features guest appearences from fellow RAPPERCHICKS artist Angelenah, My Gold Mask, WhoIsFluffy, and Maceo Haymes And The Omy's. This project is fun and the beats hit hard. "Kissy Face" is a light-hearted take on relationships while "Who Are You" shows that she's capable of being vulnerable, and "Plenty of Wins" show highlights her confident flow.

Psalm One is currently headlining her DIY Tour with the help of Angelnah, Fluffy, and Palmer Squares. They'll be touring the Midwest and Northwest throughout September and October. Back in January, we premiered her ZRO FOX track "Might Not" with fellow Chicago MCs Sasha Go Hard and ProbCause, which you should check out too.

In an email earlier, Psalm One gave us some thoughts on the inspiration and subject matter of the album:

"I'm growing as a woman, as a person and as an artist. As of the past year or so, I've been exploring polyamory. That is the practice of maintaining multiple loving relationships. It is a super challenging lifestyle, to say the least. Ups and downs, tears and joy. I have always been a serial monogamist, so my life has been turned upside down. As a result, my music has gotten more lush, and I've been able to open up my platform and peer group to more incredible musicians. I'm very community oriented now. Not so much into ‘scenes.' I'm into sharing my crazy life with amazing people who deserve it. You can hear it, too.”

When it came to the process of making the album, she continued:

"The Rapperchicks were with me every step of the way on this album, and it's the most collaborative I've ever been. Having all these new voices and making friends with bands like The O’My's, as well as featuring my own band on the album made the process much more enriching. I also made sure that whenever my love life was challenged, I went to the studio. 'So Close,' the album's closer, was made when I was devastated about a lover. You can hear it in the lyrics and the tone. Also, I was able to score the album with Ethan Stoller, a very accomplished musician and TV Series scorer. I recorded the majority of the songs with Drew Mantia, and my life is a rollercoaster. This process has been life altering and I can't wait to see where P.O.L.Y. takes me."

Stream P.O.L.Y.(Psalm One Loves You) below and don't forget to cop it tomorrow:

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