Mase Loses 1.5 Million Followers, Immediately Deletes His Instagram

The Humbling made Mase delete his Instagram

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Is that you, Betha? Is that you? Ever since retiring from rap, and coming back, and retiring, and coming back, etc., Ma$e hasn't been able to string a couple of wins together. The former pastor took another loss today. Instagram felt like being petty and purged damn near everyone's followers (something it warned us about), including celebrities. Not even the Good Lord could save his former servant from The Humbling.

Screenshots say Betha went from 1.6 million IG followers to 272K in one fell swoop.


And now he deleted his account because y'all had to get these jokes off.


This is like the digital version of that sad ass concert he had in the U.K. not too long ago.

Foxy tried to tell him that God don't like ugly, but he didn't listen.


And to think, it was all good just a week ago when video surfaced of he and Puff dancing to "0 to 100."


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