Don't Sleep on Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow"

People doubted the reality star and internet celebrity's foray into hip-hop, but Cardi's summer hit proves she's here to stay.

If you had to place a bet on what Cardi B song might be a smash hit, you probably would've gone with her song featuring Offset, "Lick"—which has 670K views on YouTube, 1.9 million hits on SoundCloud, and featured on HBO's Insecure (which always has great music). Given the Migos connection, it seems like the safest option. But you would've been wrong. It's "Bodak Yellow" that's everywhere: in strip clubs, hookah bars, car radios, your office, your social feeds. Everywhere.

The stripper turned internet personality turned feminist icon turned reality star turned rapper currently has a song sitting at No. 78 (and climbing) on Billboard's Hot 100, and an accompanying video with 15.5 million views on YouTube. This has to be the biggest record to ever come from a Love & Hip-Hop alum, right? I don't care to look, but I'm willing to put the house on it. Somebody prove me wrong. Unapologetic does not begin to describe the totally unfiltered and sheer Cardi B-ness of Cardi B's personality. She's a hood chick who's not afraid to be hood no matter the setting. Cardi B is Cardi B 24/7, 365, this is why she resonates with people, and that same energy comes out in her music.

"Bodak Yellow" is a great, extraordinarily catchy record. The hook, the beat, her lyrics: it all works. Cardi sounds so sure of herself, it's difficult not to believe and rap along with every word. Her shit feels like early Lil' Kim, the way the fellas react to her bars. That beat drops and people go nuts. Man, check this Twitter video out:

The reaction she gets is incredible.

Some were a bit confused when Cardi said she wanted to rap. They thought she was just trying to capitalize on her newfound fame like the many reality stars that came before her. The tables have now turned, and it's about time you start taking her rap career seriously. The same grind and hustle that got her here is the same grind and hustle that's going to make her a mainstay. The early adopters, such as myself, always knew Cardi was a star. Now, she's converting the nonbelievers. Another hit like "Bodak Yellow" and she's gonna be outta here. 

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