Tyler, The Creator and Miley Cyrus Exchange Words on Twitter

It's all regarding her new haircut.

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We reported this past Sunday that Miley Cyrus got a kind of crazy new haircut that found her basically chopping off most of her hair. Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator must have seen some of the photographs that same day, because he sent out some tweets about it like, "She Was Like 'Hey, i Wanna Do Something Different.....Fuck Me Up Real Quick.'" He also noted that he should probably "shut the fuck up."

It was only inevitable that Miley herself caught wind of his tweets, which happened earlier this afternoon. Here's how she replied: 

@fucktyler my "barber" couldn't even come close to the fuck job that is your face. # your right you should shut up. PS your musics dope

Tyler then responded after he saw her tweet:

Thats Awesome.

Oh, kids.

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