Twista Sued For Bodyguard's Death In 2004 Tour Bus Crash

The Chicago rapper and his management companies are being taken to court.

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Twista, his record labels, and his promoters are all being sued for the death of a bodyguard, Arthur "Butch" Nixon, who passed away following a tour bus crash in 2004. His family recently filed the suit that claims Twista's cousin, Otis Bankhead, should not have been allowed to drive the bus.

Bankhead was behind the wheel when the vehicle rolled over somewhere in Pennsylvania during a trip from New York to Chicago. Apparently he has a history of driving violations and even had his license suspended at the time of the accident. Dixon's family brought a similar suit against Twista back in 2006, but their lawyers dropped the case in 2011.

[via FakeShoreDrive]

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