Lorde Announces Third Album on Second Anniversary of 'Melodrama'

Lorde shared that a third album is "in the oven."


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Lorde confirmed that she’s working on a third album in a post to her Instagram Stories.

The Kiwi pop star shared the news on the second anniversary of her last album, Melodrama. She noted how the process of making an album can be draining, simultaneously celebrating the work that went into that critically lauded project and explaining her silence since. The "Green Light" singer went on to explain what she's been doing in the interim, noting that she took a trip to Antarctica and has learned a few parts of being an adult like how to cook and tend for plants. 

“I was such a baby making that work, lots of emotions and learning so much all the time. Feels like I’ve grown a lot since then, I’ve been to Antarctica, I have a dog now and a cat and I can bake bread and cook dinner and keep plants alive etc,” she wrote, per Consequence of Sound

Lorde was only 20 years old when Melodrama dropped and she said that the experience left her feeling hollowed out before hinting that she's built up a few more ideas in the interceding two years.

"The day it came out I did a jigsaw puzzle all day in my hotel room in NY. I felt so emptied, I didn’t really know yet that you make a record and get filled up, and then releasing it empties you..and slowly fills you up again,” she said, before closing the note with "Third one in the oven."

Though she hasn't shared any details, she did seemingly send a shout-out to producer Jack Antonoff, who executive produced Melodrama alongside her. 

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