Bebe Rexha Responds to Rumors She Died of Drug Overdose

Bebe Rexha took to social media Wednesday, where she quickly dispelled an unfounded rumor that she died of a drug overdose with a series of tweets.

Bebe Rexha

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Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha took a brief break from Twitter to start the month. No shame in that, in fact we probably all should step away from the timeline every once in a while. But her days-long absence led to some wild rumors among her most-devoted fans. By the time Rexha had returned to social media, the word going around said she had died of a drug overdose.

"Jeez I stay off line for three days and not only am I dead but I died of a drug overdose?!?!" Rexha tweeted.

As she reacted incredulously to the news that she had passed away, some of her fans shared their sources. One particular screenshot showed a fake report that claimed to be confirmed by CNN. The tweet said Rexha had died of an overdose in her California home and included a false statement from her family.

"She was the light in our lives," the falsified statement said. "We would appreciate some privacy in this difficult time."

"Omg god forbid what the hell," Rexha replied. "That's messed up god forbid." 

The "I'm A Mess" singer let her fans know that reports of her death were greatly exaggerated, even writing a little song from beyond the grave to poke fun at the rumor.

"I'm a ghost, I'm hiding in your closet," she sang in a snippet of audio posted to Twitter.

She also retweeted a fan's jokey reply of "it's almost like she's still here with us" and took the time to explain why, after seeing that "bebe rexha died" was the third result on Google, she had been name-searching in the first place. Rexha said she looks herself up when she's "super bored."

Check out Rexha's reactions to the death hoax below.

Jeez I stay off line for three days and not only am I dead but I died of a drug overdose?!?!

— Bebe Rexha (@BebeRexha) February 3, 2021

3rd one.... ?!

— Bebe Rexha (@BebeRexha) February 3, 2021

I’m a ghost. I’m tweeting from your bedroom closet. Boo bitch.

— Bebe Rexha (@BebeRexha) February 3, 2021


— Bebe Rexha (@BebeRexha) February 3, 2021

Omg god forbid what the hell. That’s messsd up god forbid

— Bebe Rexha (@BebeRexha) February 3, 2021

Whattttt putting my mom in the mix that’s messed uppppp

— Bebe Rexha (@BebeRexha) February 3, 2021

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