Mixtape: Lucki Eck$ "Alternative Trap"

The young Chicagoan's first mixtape.

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One certainly gets the sense that Lucki Eck$ knows how to curate a public persona. 

The Chicago teenager puts himself out there without giving up too much, and you can hear it in the music. He raps nonchalantly. He laughs on the track. Rather than laying everything bare, he makes it so that an effort is required of the listener to lean in and pay close attention. But of course, you don't have to analyze it to enjoy Alternative Trap, it will sound good at whichever level you choose to engage the lyrics. 

Lucki has been on the rise in his city, partly due to several co-signs from Chicago's tastemakers, but mostly because of how distinctive his sound is. When you watch one of his videos, it becomes clear almost immediately that you're dealing with a different lane, or at least with someone who is consciously trying to carve one.

Listen below.

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