Watch KeithCharles SPACEBAR's "S T A C Y" Video

Awful's KeithCharles SPACEBAR is still thinking about calling you in his new video.

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"It was super effective!!"

KeithCharles SPACEBAR, the "Mannie Fresh" of Awful Records (as they call him), goes solo in this video for "S T A C Y"—the title for which has been retroactively applied as an acronym that reads "Still Think About Calling You." Calling who? You may not find out in the actual video, which consists mainly in couple-plays-games-with-one-another iconography, from life-size chess boards to '90s baby video game nostalgia backdrops. It's a collaboration between one of Awful Media's frequent visual collaborators Mike Ellwood, who shot it, and Black Wax Creative, who overlaid the animations. Oh, and look out for Awful's Abra, who plays some kind of potentially intentionally vague supporting character role.

The song itself is a cut from Keith's upcoming project entitled We're All A Little Triflin, which is quite true, if not an understatement. Let's admit it. It's 2015, we're all very trifling.

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