Chris Brown Announces "X" Release Date

His last album?

Chris Brown announced that X, his sixth solo album, may be his last, a couple months ago.

Tonight, we find out when the record is officially dropping: November 19th. He has songs with Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, and Kelly Rowland, among others. He explains the title of the album mathematically. He says that he started singing professionally when he was 14, and now it has been ten years since then (he's 24 now). The importance of the number ten to him continues in that his birthday (May 5th) adds up to ten if you take the month and the day. Yes, this is directly from his explanation.

In any case, if you have the same number of fingers as a standard human being, or if you follow the base ten numeral system like everyone else, the album's inspiration may have the same significance to you. If Chris is indeed retiring after this release, perhaps he will come back when another nice, round number presents itself.

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