Schoolboy Q Says 'Checking In' Leads to Rappers Getting Robbed: ‘Sometimes You Don’t Need to Be Connected'

The L.A. native has sound advice for fellow artists visiting the city.

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Schoolboy Q refuses to compromise his safety while he’s out on the West Coast.

The rapper was a guest on the new episode of Drink Champs published on Saturday and kept it real when asked by co-host N.O.R.E. about the rumors that Los Angeles, California is “one of the most dangerous places for rappers.”

“Yeah, because everybody be checking in. That’s y’all favorite thing to do, check in with somebody that’s gon' rob your stupid ass,” said Q at the 1:08:30 mark. “You think that guy that you don’t know motherfucker in California got your back? The guy that got beef with other hoods and all this you 'checking in’ with that dude?”

Schoolboy, who is an L.A. native himself, also imparted some simple advice for fellow rappers or anyone in general who hits him up while they’re in town.

“Bro, just go to the hotel, get you something to eat. Go back to the hotel, go have some fun where shit is fun. Why do you want to go over there? For what? Don’t call me. Motherfuckers be having the nerve to call me sometimes. Like, ‘What are you talking about, bro?’ I’m playing video games, my daughter got a soccer game tomorrow, bro. Grow the fuck up. I’m not meeting you, I’m not about to drive over here to Beverly Hills and drop you off a ounce of weed.”

He continued, “I get it, stay connected and all this shit, but sometimes you don’t need to be connected. You’re not from over here, bro. I’m not going to Brooklyn to see what’s going on in the dangerous parts of Brooklyn. … Shout out to y’all, I want the dangerous parts of Brooklyn to come to the show or something, and we meet up over here where it's neutral and we cool and we all straight. I’m here for peace, I don’t know why everybody trying to prove something…and then they put theyself in these silly ass situations.”

Although he didn’t mention any specific people or the dangers of "checking in" during the podcast, Schoolboy’s comments echo a wave of violence in the L.A area involving rappers. 

Rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed during a robbery in 2022 while dining at a restaurant in Long Beach, California. A source connected to the situation told TMZ that the shooter seemed to target PnB because “no one else was shot or assaulted” inside the restaurant. The attacker reportedly took off with the rapper’s jewelry, consisting of several diamond and silver chains. A report from the Los Angeles Times suggested that an Instagram Story post tagging the rapper with his location may have prompted the attack.

Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke was killed in 2020 during a home invasion robbery at a residence he was renting in Hollywood Hills. According to the L.A. Times, social media posts from Pop with the address of his residence are believed to have led five of the suspects to the mansion where he was fatally shot just hours later.

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