BBNO$ On Canadian Collab With Freddie Dredd: "One Of The Most Difficult People To Get A Text From"

Canadian artist BBNO$ recently sat down with Complex Canada at Osheaga Festival in Montreal.

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Canadian rapper BBNO$ travels the world, but there's still something special to him about Canadian audiences.

"I'm Canadian, that's why," he says. "It just feels better. I do shows all around the world, and no gets being a Canadian other than Canadians. We have the higher power. We're dope people."

In his interview with Complex Canada, BBNO$ talked about dining out at Michelin Star restaurants, Vancouver cuisine, not getting texts from fellow Canadian artist Freddie Dredd, potentially working with NPC queen PinkyDoll, buying a 70-year-old Rolex, and more.

His new single with Freddie Dredd and Yung Gravy, "Nightmare on Peachtree Street," is out now.

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