Teyana Taylor Says She Plans to Drop a ‘Way More Completed’ Version of 'K.T.S.E.'

Taylor revealed her sophomore effort is still missing a few things, so the singer will be re-releasing the "complete" project next week with additional tracks and samples.

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Teyana Taylor’s highly anticipated sophomore album K.T.S.E.arrived over the weekend, following a short delay, but according to the singer, that 8-track project is missing a few things. In a new interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Teyana revealed she wants to update her album with some tracks and samples that were left off of the original drop.

“There are different levels of R&B on this album and then once y’all hear THE album, like next week, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about because it’s way more completed. It’s just crazy,” Teyana said around the 10-minute mark in the interview above.

Most of the various songs, or cuts of songs, were left off the original release due to time constraints and sample clearances. She names one song titled “We Got Love” that was scrapped from the release because of other behind-the-scenes issues. “When the album dropped, I didn’t even know that much stuff wasn’t cleared,” she said. “It was really just an honest misunderstanding.”

This could be one of the reasons her sophomore effort arrived late. Since its release, the album has gotten a lot of love from fans, but many were restless when it didn’t arrive on time.

Of course, updating an already released album isn’t unheard of. Kanye famously added tracks to The Life of Pabloafter dropping the album. Taylor also discusses some of the other aspects of creating the long-awaited follow up to her 2014 debut album VII. Watch the full interview above.


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