Carly Rae Jepsen Returns With "Party for One" Single and Video

The pop singer returns with a new single for the "getting-over-it" phase of your breakup.

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Carly Rae Jepsen is back on her beat. 

The pop singer is no stranger to "Boy Problems," but her latest bop "Party for One" is all about moving forward. "Party for one/If you don't care about me/I'll just dance for myself/Back on my beat," she sings over an uplifting, high-tempo track. This new single is a perfect addition to the "getting-over-it" phase of any breakup. 

Not only did Jepsen bless us with an instant classic just in time for the holidays — she also shared the music video for "Party for One." In the 4-minute video, Carly and a bunch of strangers groove to their own beat in a series of hotel rooms. The sexy clips cut back and forth as we see some incredible self-care rituals, including ripping up old photos, wine in the tub, and a butt plug. Iconic! 

The partying comes to an abrupt end when the lights go out, and all the patrons go downstairs to talk to the desk attendant. As the lights come back on in the lobby of this hotel, the scantily clad neighbors survey one another before stepping into a crowded elevator together. By the end of the video, these solo partiers get to see that they might not be so alone after all. 

This is Jepsen's first single since her 2017 loosie "Cut to the Feeling" and fans couldn't be more excited. It will appear on her untitled fourth album, which is set to release sometime in 2019. 

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