Premiere: Rum.Gold Offers Up a Motivational Push with “Get Through”

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter aims to help you through hard times.

rum gold press 2018

Image via Rum.Gold

rum gold press 2018

Saying life is stressful, is a bit of understatement. Whether we put our focus on the outside world, solely on whatever is troubling us personally, or both—many times our minds can make the smallest inconveniences feel life-crushing. However, no matter how big our problems may really be, the same goal always remains: making it through the day. With his latest single, “Get Through,” Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Rum.Gold is doing his best to offer a motivational push through song.

As he readies himself for the release of his debut EP YaRn on January 11, Rum.Gold swoops right in at the height of many people’s seasonal depression with a completely soothing track. Rum.Gold’s vocals are so velvety that listening to him delicately sing each lyric almost feels hypnotic. Along with his sweet voice, “Get Through” features Rum.Gold on the trumpet as the finishing touch.

"’Get Through’ is a self revelation,” Rum.Gold explains. “It’s about finding that vice to get through a hard place, while also understanding that you wouldn't be who you are today without going through said hardship. It’s about learning to understand that contradiction is natural and if allowed can be incredibly freeing.”

Listen to “Get Through” below.

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